How it works

An overview of SIPREC Recording (SIPREC)

SIPREC Network
Above: As calls pass through a SIPREC enabled Router or Gateway, a forked copy of the call is directed to Ditto for Recording.

Ditto VR in the cloud acts as the Session Recording Server (SRS) and the Customer Equipment acts as the Session Recording Client (SRC).

SIP over TLS+SRTP | TCP | UDP are accepted as VoIP transports.

Supported CODEC’s : G.711A, G.711U, G.729, G726-32

If you have an IP PBX or softswitch, but no SIPREC capablity? Check out the free Oseyus SRC Gateway at our sister site:

Our Network Architecture

Network Architecture
Above: An overview of our network. Hosted in Amazon Web Services

All our systems are high-availability and/or load-sharing.

Both Ditto Gateways load-share ingress calls and designate capture servers using a bespoke algorithm.

All internal network traffic is encrypted.