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On-Premise Port Mirroring

What Is Port-Mirroring?

Port Mirroring and often to referred to a SPAN is a duplication method whereas network traffic from one switch port can be copied to another switch port for the purpose of capturing or analysis. Typically, you would assign the ‘Source’ interface and replicate the data to another ‘Destination’ interface where the data can be processed by a specialized application. Data received on the destination interface is considered passive.

Why On-Premise Recording?

Sometimes there are technical key factors driving call recording where an on-premise solution is more suitable. Some of these might be the location and capabilities of IP PBX and other call processing assets. Other considerations might be bandwidth or physical security.

Ditto VR Capture

The Ditto system is propriety system that is developed and maintained in-house. We do not rely on any 3rd party SIP stack or VoIP dependency. The on-premise version of Ditto VR is referred to as simply ‘Ditto Capture’. Ditto Capture runs on Linux and can hosted on hardware directly or within a virtualized environment. A Dual Socket Quad Core Xeon CPU with 16GB RAM has been tested to record 1000 concurrent calls. We recommend Intel Network Interface Cards for use with this product. We offer free consultation and support when implementing the Ditto on-premise solution.

Ditto VR Port Mirroring Diagram


Review the Ditto VR On-Premise Handbook for commissioning the Ditto VR Capture product.