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Oseyus news article

Ditto VR Launches Oseyus

July 30, 2021

Oseyus has now been released and is free to download. The SIPREC gateway that allows IP PBX's to connect to cloud-based recording systems.

This works by capturing SIP and RTP packets on the wire and translating the calls into the SIPREC protocol. Oseyus acts as a Session Recording Client (SRC).

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Update 1.07 - Speech Transcription As Standard

September 13, 2021

Version 1.07 of the Cloud-Based recording platform has now been released and includes Speech Transcription at no extra cost.

Speech to text transcription gives you the power to search for calls of specific interest

‘Phrase Rules’ allow you to build complex search filters and share them with your team. An example would be to filter calls that include ‘Deal and Sign’ but exclude ‘Contract’ - this could be useful should there be a dispute.

Scroll through a speech transcript and playback the call from the sentence of interest.

When reviewing a call recording, the transcript window will scroll along with the audio.

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Oseyus news article