User Friendly | Multi-tenancy | Browser Based Portal


Live graphs and performance metrics. Custom Branded, API Utilisation, Call Geo-Location, License Usage.

Dashboard with live graphs and performance metrics.

Storage Vs Calls Recorded. Endpoint Statistics. Geographic Call Location Map.

Licensing Overview

Cumulative licensing system - Add licenses as you grow.

30 Day rolling subscription

Speech Transcript

Speech to text transcription gives you the power to search for calls of specific interest.

With ‘Phrase Rules’ you can build complex search filters and share them with your team. An example would be to filter calls that include ‘Deal and Sign’ but exclude ‘Contract’ - this could be useful should there be a dispute.

Scroll through a speech transcript and playback the call from a sentence position.

When reviewing a call recording, the transcript window will scroll along with the audio.

Offensive content is automatically detected and highlighted. Built-in Phrase Rules allow you to search for profanity and offensive words.

This feature is supported for the English Language.

Internal Messaging  

Internal secure messaging - Keep recordings inside the Ditto sphere and prevent the download of recordings. Send calls as a reference via messaging.


Two factor Authentication (2FA) is fully integrated and follows RFC6238. This provides an extra layer of security when logging in.

2FA can be enabled in the Ditto Web Administration and the Voice Recording Portal.

We recommend TLS/SRTP to allow End-to-End encryption for Voice and Metadata.

Plain UDP and TCP transport protocols are also available. A VPN for these protocols can be discussed.

The download of recordings can be permitted or restricted through Group and/or User permissions.

Granular security permissions for User and Group management makes it simple to allow or restrict access.


A recording retention period is key for compliance for such policies as GDPR. Recordings can be set to expire and removed after a programmable age.

Ditto VR can be used to form part of PCI DSS compliancy by using automatic DTMF obfuscation (blanking) on live and archived recordings.

All voice recordings are stored and encoded using AES256 encryption.

All actions of Add / Update / Delete are Audit logged. Audited events are searchable.

Live Call Montitoring | Pause Resume

Monitor live calls as Supervisor.

Pause/Resume recordings in real-time. This can be actioned from the Portal or API.

The Pause Resume function can also be activated from a telephone handset via DTMF e.g. Pause: 0#* Resume: 1#*

Access Control List | IP Address | Numbers   

A Flexible and Programmable Access Control List (ACL) for Endpoint IP Address and Number Groups

Allow/Deny certain numbers to be recorded (or not) during certain days/hours. Block or Allow.

Multiple IP Addresses per Endpoint.

The ACL works like an IP firewall and PBX rule plan combined.


Flexible call searches with Number, Agents, Date ranges, Bookmarks, Keyword, Phrases.

Great sound quality with lossless audio compression.

Recordings can be Bookmarked and commented at any position. Bookmarks can be assigned Private or Public (other users) visibility.

Quickly skip to key positions in the recording that have been bookmarked by other users.

Bookmarks are categorised into Tags for grouping. For example: Appraisal, Complaints, Disputes etc.

White Label | Branding | SOAP XML API  

The look and feel of the Portal can be changed with ease and your own logo can be imported along with URL and support links.

Providers, Resellers and Customers can each have their own branding which can also be inherited.

SOAP XML API - As used by the Ditto Portal itself. The API is supported with full documentation and examples.

Automate operations or integrate provisioning with your own systems for example.

API throughput can be monitored through the Dashboard

  Hierarchical Management

Quickly access resources located in a hierarchical tree structure of Provider, Resellers, Customers, Groups, Endpoints, Numbers

Permissions are easily set at a Group / User level. Security and Number Groups define Admin/Supervisor/User roles

Number Groups are built into the hierarchy and align with organisational departments. Import numbers as Single, Range, or Batch.

Assign Users and Retention Policies to Number Groups to create a logical Departmental/Team unit.

Screenshots are demonstrated using different branding styles