Q & A

Do you have an on-premise offering?

Yes. In fact the Ditto VR Capture product started out as an on-premise product. We predominantly offer the service through the Cloud. Please contact us for more information.

I don't have an IP PBX or router that supports SIPREC. Can I use Ditto VR with Asterisk?

As long as your IP PBX is SIP enabled you can use the free Oseyus Gateway from our sister site at: voip-recording.com

What Payment Types Can I Use?

We accept Card or Direct Debit payment methods.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Ditto use a recording protocol called SIPREC (SIP RECording). Mid-high end router vendors such as Cisco, AudioCodes and OpenSIPS(open source) are some that have implemented this protocol. Give us a call if you are unsure.

What Happens To My Recordings If My Subsciption Expires?

We retain call recordings for 6 months after the last subscription expires. If a Trial-Only subscription expires then we keep recordings for 30 days in line with GDPR best practice.

Can I Download Recordings?

Yes. But you must have the User/Group Permission to do so.

What About GDPR?

Retention Polices control the archiving time that recordings are kept. A Policy can be assigned to a group of numbers. So you could have groups such as Reception, Accounts, Sales which each might have their own Retention Policy.

Can I Import My Existing Recordings?

Entirely Possible. Please contact us so we can discuss your requirement.

Does Ditto VR Offer Speech Transcription?

Our system has the capability but we cannot offer reasonable value for money at the moment. We are keeping an eye on the pricing from Google and IBM.

Where Are My Recordings Stored And Are They Secured?

All Voice Recordings are encrypted by Ditto using AES256, then stored in Amazon Cloud S3 Storage.